Plastic Basket
Plastic baskets range includes mesh baskets in several colors. People can buy these baskets in different sizes and colors, and use them for multiple purposes. They can stack them when not in use.

Plastic Stool
Get in touch with us to buy plastic stools for your retail business. Our company supplies these colorful stools made in different sizes to customers all across the country. These stools are made to withstand heavy load.
Plastic Bucket
We have in our plastic buckets list plain buckets to be used as bathroom accessory and storing water for different purpose. While, we supply our paint buckets to paint manufacturers in all parts of India.
Plastic Dustbin
You can now be assured of the cleanliness after a small party or large event by using large size plastic dustbins. These can be placed in appropriate locations, so that people known where to throw waste paper or other kind of waste.

Plastic Mug
Plastic mugs and buckets are essential bathroom accessories, required for bathing and washing chores. These are provided in several colors, so that an appropriate mug can be purchased to blend it in within bathroom dcor.
Plastic Pot
Plastic pots are beautiful garden product, which can be used for adding green in your home dcor. These are available in different sizes, designs and colors, providing options to people so that they can make a choice based on preference.
Plastic Tub
Plastic tubs can be found in every household to be used for performing several chores. We maintain a stock of tubs to readily make available these to our clients in various sizes and colors.
Plastic Tasla
The Plastic Taslas have accessibility in different shapes and colors. These stay resistant to molds and termites and have umpteen domestic and business uses. Provided Plastic Taslas are so durable and ensure advanced functionality in many aspects.

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